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Friday, August 12, 2011

intage Frames Company x Revive: Vintage Chanel Vault Collection

Montreal, QC (August, 2011) – Over the past 8 years  Vintage Frames Company  owner Corey Shapiro  has been curating one of the most elite  Vintage Chanel Jewellery Collections  on the planet. Constantly adding to the vaulted collection, waiting for the right moment to unlock the vault, and release the  treasures. The historic  Chanel Collection  ranges from editorial and ready-to-wear pieces originally produced from the late 1980's until mid 1990's. No one piece in the vaulted collection will be alike! The  Vintage Chanel Collection  ranges contains necklaces, pendents, rings, bracelets, and more. With their constant strive for only the most elite luxury goods,  Revive Michigan  has unlocked the vault and will be making the collection  available Exclusively at their Michigan headquarters or at


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