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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nemo Achida – Digital Dan LP

Been a Big Fan of the Homie Nemo 1st time i met him down in Lex Ky they Where Bumpin his Music in the Clothing Store Oneness i didnt even know it was him tell they told me. Def a Big supporter of his Music n they Lex Ky Movement Keep it Rockin Bro!

Nemo Achida releases his newest project, titled Digital Dan. Composed of eleven original tracks, Nemo delivers a mixture of skilled lyrical ability and floating melodies. The project consists of music produced by Nemo, Clutch, Starks, King Mitus, and more. Download link for the project below.

Download Nemo Achida – Digital Dan LP.


We Aint goin NO were But Up!!!