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Monday, November 29, 2010

New Artiest Of the Month - Flexx Jay

Kaitlin Jardine, more frequently known as Flexx Jay was Born in Toronto on June 2, 1991. She is 19 years old and comes from a mixture of Trinidadian, Portuguese, Scotian, Indian, Native and Irish decent. As talented as she is, she has had no vocal training. In 2005, Flexx began singing and by 2006 she was rapping as well. Her music is used as an outlet to express her feelings, emotions and struggles. In the past 2 years Flexx has taken her music career more seriously, working with countless underground artists including: Kwabi D, Haley Small, Killa Kip,Tex, Blake Carrington,and Propain.  She has also been working with a few of GTA's biggest producers such as SmokeyShop Productionz, as well as Pusha Keyz. In addition, she has appeared in music videos for Erik Flowchild “Over Here”, Kwabi D “Be Your Man”, and Big Lean "Lock Who".  Through her hard work and determination her songs: “Aint Nobody Hot As me”, “Caught Slipping” and “Leave Me Alone” have been aired on the Radio (93.7WBLK and 106.9FM). Being a rapper, singer and song writer aren’t the only things Flexx has on her plate. She is currently a second year student at York University majoring in Human Resources. With school consuming most of her time, she hopes that the time she dedicates to music will open up avenues for her as music is her primary career choice.
Rapping Singing and Song writing is her both her passion and hobby. She believes music calms, relaxes and cleanses the soul. Music expressed her many emotions, obstacles, achievements endured during her life. Although her family is not as passionate about music as she is, she continues to push through and write about her experiences and what she has overcome in life.
Flexx has a busy year ahead as of this August she just dropped her second mixtape called "Still Here", with upcoming artist Haley Small. She will also be travelling across the Greater Toronto Area and the United States promoting and selling her new mixtape. Music is and will always be a huge influence is Flexx Jay’s life. She loves old school R n B, Rap and Hip-Hop, but loves drawing influences from all genres and incorporating them into her work. Flexx Jay is an up-and coming artist you don’t want to sleep on !


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