Foot Action (Footlocker)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Child Rebel Soldier – Don’t Stop!

Child Rebel Soldier - Don't Stop! by ImFlashy

Some of you might be unaware of exactly who CRS is, so let me inform you before you pass this heat up and later on resort to killing yourself by means of rat poison. Wait a minute, just check the above photograph. Anyway, Ye, Lupe, and P decided to form this tantalizing super trio a good while back, but due to their insanely hectic schedules, have only produced two previous records.
But thank the good Lord for G.O.O.D Friday, the perfect excuse to coerce the master emcees in the lab together or unleash an older, hidden gem. Nonetheless, it might take you a few goes at the track before you can really get into it. The production features a bit of hectic noise and is somewhat all over the place, but by my third playback, I was bobbing my head violently and biting my bottom lip. No lie. Forget that though. As a joint massacre, they all ripped it. Enjoy.


We Aint goin NO were But Up!!!