Foot Action (Footlocker)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Carrot Clothing Summer 2010 collection called "F-War

"It’s been 10 years since Alex Gligorich was released from his Serbian jail cell for designing his seminal prototype war resisting t-shirts.  Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine Carrot Clothing to be exploding with the power it is at today.

To celebrate, The F-War collection has been released, making liberal use of the F-bomb, with aid from artists who are frequently breaking the law them selves.  F-War sees contributions from graffiti artist and illustrator China Mike known for his military Chihuahuas. We also have Zevs, the legendary 3D graffiti artist, who despite his international gallery accreditations, continues to defy the authorities by smearing corporate logos like Chanel, McDonalds and even Google, with his signature black paint drippings

Along with progressively designed hoodies and sweatshirts, the F-War collection introduces key menswear pieces like black leather jackets and embroidered button-down shirts."


We Aint goin NO were But Up!!!